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KARIBU means welcome in Kiswahili, Tanzania's national language. We are proud to welcome you into the amazing and fascinating world of East-Africa. Some of the world's most spectacular attractions are found in Tanzania and it has invariably been called East Africa's Eden. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, climb Kilimanjaro - the "roof of Africa", taste the culture on Zanzibar and relax on it's spectacular palm-fringed beaches.

lionTrips and Safaris to Kenya are also available. Since the word Safari itself is taken from the Swahili word that means "journey" Tanzania and Kenya claim there is no doubt that they offer one of the best environments in the world for an enriching wildlife experience.

The countries game viewing opportunities are considered by many to be the best in Africa. Its game parks are populated with many of the world's most exotic creatures, including all "Big Five". Lakes are huge and beautiful with fish. Cities are relaxed and friendly. Yet, to a greater degree than is true of many of it neighbors, this sparwaling remains untouched by the vacationing.

Have you dreamed of taking the ultimate photography trip, by going on an Africa safaris, to visit the countless and varied wildlife, combined with vivid landscapes. Africa safaris allow you to experience the wildlife up close and in their own element

Now it is the time to visit Africa!