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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire lies to the south of large open grass plains of southern Maasai land.

Approximately 2.600 square km, the park is located about 120 km from Arusha along the Arusha - Dodoma road. The feature of Tarangire which correlates with the type of animals residing in the area, are grassland and flood plains. Although the park provides game viewing year around, it is in the dry season that Tarangire NP becomes full of life. Between June to September, visitors are astounded by the sheer numbers of wildlife the park supports - the second largest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania - surpassed only by the Serengeti National Park during peak migration.

Tarangire National Park is most famous, however, for its huge numbers of african elephants that congregate along the meandering Tarangire river; python, zebra, hartebeest, oryx, gazelle, buffalo, waterbuck, lion, cheetah, leopard can be seen and abundant birdlife.

This park is scattered with baobab trees alternating with open acacia woodland, open bush, plains, swamps, rivers and stand of palm trees. Baobab trees may live up to 3000 years and are remarkably resilient, most of the big ones you will see are between 100 and 1000 years old.
Others trees that can be seen are Tamarind trees, evergreen with a pale grey bark and providing shade year round along the river banks. The fruit can be used for many purposes including making chutney, jams and a tangy refreshing drink.