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Lake Manyara N.P.

Located 125 km west of Arusha town, under the wall of the Great Rift Valley.

It is one of the most popular and attractive National Parks. Lake Manyara National Park attained its status in 1960. The park is 330 square km. in size, of which 230sq km is covered by water. Though small in area, the park contains a large variety of habitats such as the Rift Wall, acacia, woodland, ground water forest with towering mahogany and fig trees, areas of open grassland, to mention but few; thus being able to support large number of species.

Gazing eastwards from the Great Rift Wall, one looks down to the horizon where water and sky dissolve into shimmering of heat waves. 
The most famous spectacle in the park is the tree-climbing lions, which are occasionally seen on the branches of acacia trees. Other animals found in this area include elephants, leopards, impala, and hippos as well as it's a birds paradise. The lake attracts many birds and animals.

Some hotels and tented lodges are built on the Rift Walls at a high altitude, thus offering a magnificent view of the lake and the park.