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Tanzania is one of the richest African birding destinations.

Nowhere else on earth exists such an incredible volume and diversity of large animals, while it also supports over a thousands bird species; many of which are large, bright, colourful and easy to observe. Birds inhabit nearly every part of the earth, including forest, bushveld, aquatic habitats, heat of the desert, snow and ice. Of all the animal groups, birds are seen and heard most often; they are also variable in size from the biggest ostrich of Africa - which can reach a height of 2.70 meters - to the smallest in the world, the bee hummingbird of Cuba with a body length of 1.25 cm, weighing 2 grams.

No other vertebrate group is so well adapted for life virtually anywhere, be it on land, water or air. Birds are all around us, with its topography, geography location and variety of habitats. This certainly makes Tanzania an important and fantastic birding destination as it facilitates a vast variety of spectacular landscapes and home to magnificent birds no other area in Africa can match. Its amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in its extraordinary bird list of over 1000 species.

No doubt that bird watching is one of the most popular pastimes or hobbies, followed by millions people throughout the world.

If you are a bird lover, Tanzania should be on top of your bucket list! And more rightly so.