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Arusha National Park

A crater, lakes, highland and Mount Meru: that is Arusha National Park.

Arusha National Park is located near Arusha town between the peaks of mountains Kilimanjaro and Meru. It covers an area of about 137 square km. The park and town derive their name from the Waarusha people, who traditionally lived in this area.

Ngurdoro Crater, Momela lakes, the highland Montane Forest and the rugged mt. Meru - about 4575 meters above sealevel - are the four distinctive features of the park. Colobus monkeys, velvet monkeys, buffaloes, hippos, bushbucks, red forest duikers, elephants and giraffes are found in the park.

The Momela Lake, discovered in 1876 by a Hungarian who observed a remarkable number of rhino and hippos - however, these have unfortunately disappeared from the park - is the unique and tranquil place to relax while you're in Tanzania. With more than 350 species of birds, both migrant and resident is among of the many things to be seen there.
A true African experience not to be missed!